Benefits of Exercise

Regular exercise helps to prevent some of the most common health risks of our times. Osteoporosis and heart problems are two of them. Osteoporosis is a problem that affects women mostly, and it is the reduction of the strength of the bones. It can lead to fractions and severe problems in being able to walk or stand. Women that are thin face a greater risk. Heart problems are most common in men.

Regular exercise can help prevent this health risk and make you healthier. You don’t have to follow a stressful routine at a gym if you are not that type of person. A simple brisk walk can be equally beneficial for these two risks. Make it part of your everyday life or if you don’t have enough time, make sure that you can find around thirty minutes three times a week. Another health benefit that finds a cure with mild exercise is blood pressure. After much research, it is now certain that high blood pressure can be balanced through regular mild exercise. High cholesterol, diabetes and recently breast cancer have been added to the list of diseases that can be prevented by exercise.

Another reason to exercise is that exercise releases chemical substances in your brain. Serotonin and dopamine are responsible for the way we feel. This includes both happiness and pain. Regular exercise also benefits people that tend to suffer from depression. You should also know that exercise can boost your self-esteem, so if you lack confidence, maybe you can start from here.

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