Exploring the Efficacy of Arthritis Exercises

Do arthritis exercises really work? This is a question that is asked every day by all people suffering from arthritis. The simple answer is yes, they work. But as a caveat, you should always seek the advice of your physician before starting any exercise program. Before you give the go-ahead for exercises to treat your arthritis, your doctor will consider several factors. These factors include your medical history, your physical fitness, and your overall health.

The level and location of your arthritis pain are also taken into account. The prescribed exercises depend on the affected joints, how much flexibility you have and how inflamed the area is. The prescribed exercises also depend on whether or not a replacement has been done earlier. Arthritis exercises help you to restore your flexibility. They can also help build muscle strength and relieve pain.

Exercise as part of your overall treatment
One form of exercise is an important part of any arthritis treatment plan. Your doctor should know which exercises work best for you. He can refer you to a physiotherapist for specific treatment.

Your overall treatment plan may include exercise, rest, medicine, and proper nutrition. Your doctor will also discuss with you how to properly move your joints during exercise.

Specific Arthritis Exercises
There are three types of exercises for arthritis patients. Exercise exercises, strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises are all considered good arthritis treatments.

A range of exercise exercises will help you to improve the flexibility of the affected area. They are designed to help reduce stiffness and help you reuse the affected joint.

Strengthening exercises such as strength training help you to improve your muscle tone. As you build strength in your muscles, you will find that they can give more support to the affected area.

Aerobic exercise has many benefits. They help with your cardio fitness and health and help to maintain your weight. This will help reduce weight on your joints, which will dramatically relieve pain.

To begin
There is no fear of starting an arthritis training plan. After discussing options with your doctor, you can develop a plan that will allow you to practice each day. Most doctors recommend that you start your exercise program with the help of a physiotherapist or trainer.

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