Three Foods for Arthritis

Recent research has shown that some foods can be used to treat and reduces the effects of arthritis. When your daily meal lacks a particular nutrient, a prescription has to be taken to take excessive foods rich in those nutrients that your body requires. It has also been discovered that some meals can be made to reduce the inflammation on one’s joints and at the same time add more strengths to your bones while at the same time increasing your body immune system to fight against arthritis in the body. These Foods for Arthritis includes:
1. Soy
You have to start eating soy. Soy is vegetable that is an alternative to consuming fish. It provides anti-inflammation properties. Soy is high in protein levels and deficient levels of fats.

2. Dairy
Dairy products like milk and cheese are rich in calcium for bones strength and vitamin D which is also essential in making bones strong.

3. Cherries

Cherries are a proper diet for treating arthritis; they help to reduce the occurrence of a gout attack. The anthocyanins that are contained in cherries helps to reduce inflammation.

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